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    Cut, Twist, Pinch & Tie up.

    Through years of exploration in fashion, I discovered that there is always a verb connecting me to the object: Cut, twist, pinch, tie-up. Those draping actions gradually become my inspiration and concept towards this thesis collection.


    From a culturally mixed background, I twist my eastern roots with the western culture I’ve constantly been surrounded by. Twist, in my collection, is both conceptually and literally.


    At the development stage of this collection, by twisting traditional Chinese Ma-gua jackets and kimonos with classical menswear suits dating back to 60s and 70s, all the existing garments from vintage finds and archives are used as a piece of fabric. Through the process of twist, they formed the fundamental visual references of the collection. After the visual references are developed, the individual design process of each pieces begins. Suit jackets are made to dresses, skirts, Chinese brocade lining being twisted inside out, becoming part of the garment surface. While the look of each garment is a mixture, the ways to dress them can be purely oriental. With simple tie-up, wrapping, overlapping, the whole collection presents an interesting mix-match when dressing them.


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